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Alan Eisenberg Real Estate
Alan Eisenberg has been in the real estate field for over 53 years. Today, his brokerage represents sophisticated investors, residential properties, commercial real estate owners, land developers, industrial properties, recreational, lakeshore properties, farms & hobby farms. 

Alan Eisenberg Real Estate
3111 West Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53208
Available 24/7/365 
(414) 344-3333

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Eisenberg's 'Alan Eisenblog'

 "The Alan Eisenberg Show "

Since 1980, Alan D. Eisenberg has produced and hosted
syndicated radio and television shows.

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Tel: (414) 344-3333  24/7
Fax: (414) 344-8882
Available 24/7/365

"The Alan Eisenberg Show ", WRJN Racine Wisconsin


Rudolph Stafford Mansion
Circa 1892

In July, 1996, Alan D. Eisenberg moved his
real estate offices to the Stafford Mansion
in Merrill Park Neighborhood
of the West End District.
Rudolph Stafford Mansion, Cerca 1892

Retired From Practicing Law

The legacy of Alan D. Eisenberg has a history of controversy. His case scrapbook had been an eclectic mix of the accused: The famous, the notorious, the heinous, the indigent, the rich, doctors, lawyers, merchants, indian chiefs and several local prominent television broadcasters!
Alan D. Eisenberg, Milwaukee WI 53211


Alan has been a successful presence on the airwaves and hosted several noteworthy local & syndicated radio and television shows on WOKY, WRKR, WNOV, KFIZ, WBKV WYMS, WRJN  and both VIACOM Cable Television and MCM MATA Cable Access.
Alan D. Eisenberg, Biography

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