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Alan Eisenberg Real Estate
Alan Eisenberg has been in the real estate field for over 53 years. Today, his brokerage represents sophisticated investors, residential properties, commercial real estate owners, land developers, industrial properties, recreational, lakeshore properties, farms & hobby farms. 

Alan Eisenberg Real Estate
3111 West Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53208
Available 24/7/365 
(414) 344-3333

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Alan D. Eisenberg, Broker

We assist sellers and buyers throughout South Eastern Wisconsin and the Fox Valley.  One of reason Alan is so well known throughout Wisconsin is because he is and has been active in many community organizations that support Wisconsin communities, and perhaps because he ran for governor in 2002.


Reality Specialties Include

  1. How to Buy Property Foreclosed by Lender
  2. How to Buy Sell 1031 Exchange Property
  3. How to Buy Sell Business Broker Real Estate
  4. How to Buy Sell Business Opportunity Property
  5. How to Buy Sell Commercial Lease Property
  6. How to Buy Sell Hobby Farm Property
  7. How to Buy Sell Investment Property
  8. How to Buy Sell Lake Property
  9. How to Buy Sell Landlord Investment Property
  10. How to Buy Sell Lender Foreclosure Property
  11. How to Buy Sell Like-Kind Exchange Property
  12. How to Buy Sell Office Building Property
  13. How to Buy Sell Pre-Foreclosure Property
  14. How to Buy Sell Property Pending Foreclosure
  15. How to Buy Sell Rehab Real Estate Property
  16. How to Buy Sell Residential Lease Property
  17. How to Buy Sell Shopping Mall Property
  18. How to Buy Sell Short Sale Property
  19. How to Buy Sell STARKER Exchange Property
  20. How to Buy Sell Tax Foreclosure Property


Alan Eisenberg Real Estate
Alan Eisenberg Real Estate Milwaukee

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