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How To Buy Sell Commercial Lease Property

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Alan Eisenberg has been in the real estate field for over 53 years. These decades of experience showed what works, and what to avoid.  Let Alan Eisenberg offer Real Estate Advice.

Information on this topic is coming soon.

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How to Sell Commercial Rental Property | eHow 
Commercial rental property can be a lot of work to maintain and keep leased out. ... How to Buy Commercial Rental Property; Selling Rental Property & NOL; - 89%
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Ask The Expert - How To Buy Sell Commercial Lease Property ... 
Ask The Expert - How To Buy Sell Commercial Lease Property - Alan D. Eisenberg has been in the real estate field for over 53 years. These decades of experience showed ... - 88%
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Office Space: Lease or Buy? - Small Business Information - 
Pros and Cons of Office Space Leasing or Buying ... space and having the property appreciate over time, allows the owner to sell out and fund their retirement. - 88%
Result found by: - Adult/Continuing Education, - Distance Learning, Yahoo!

Buy or lease business premises 
Whether to buy or lease business premises, information about choosing the right location, commercial and retail tenancies, guides to retail tenancy. - 85%
Result found by: BEP Home

HowTo Buy a Commercial Property - HowToLaw - New Zealand self help Law 
HowTo Buy a Commercial Property Throughout ... For information on commercial leases generally, see How to enter into a commercial lease - 85%
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Evolution of Cable Television 
Channels Channels For Public, Educational or Governmental Use Leased Commercial Access ... the retransmission consent provisions or under the leased commercial access provisions. Radio ... for sale or lease to customers who request them.  Lockboxe... - 84%
Result found by: Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

How to Buy Commercial Rental Property | eHow 
How to Buy Commercial Rental Property. ... How to Sell Commercial Real Estate. Successful commercial real estate selling requires knowledge of the market, ... - 84%
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What are my commercial tenant 's responsibilities after assigning her lease? 
I am the owner and lessor of an industrial property. I had a fine tenant, A, who did so well she sold her business and assigned the lease to B. Unfortunately, B isn't pro... - 82%
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Can I get out of my commercial lease when new owners arrive? 
I currently lease a 4,500 square foot office and am presently three months behind on rent. I cannot catch up due to slow business. The building is about to be sold. The p... - 81%
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Can a new owner change the terms of a commercial lease? 
I run a massage and skincare business. My building was just sold. I did not know it was for sale. I have a three-year lease, which mentions nothing about new owners or ch... - 80%
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The Information Needs of Communities 
is the Gap? How Fast Will commercial media markets Evolve to Fill the Gap? 14. JournalisM sChools ... inTelleCTual properTy commercial radio Opt-out versus Opt-in campaign advertising disclosures ... landscape SatEllitE SEctiOn 1: cOmmErcial mEdia... - 80%
Result found by: Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Tips For Buying/Selling/Leasing Commercial Property 
Tips For Buying/Selling/Leasing Commercial Property - 79%
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Commercial Lease - Commercial Real Estate Lease - Commercial 
... Susan Dawson discusses 10 factors you need to consider before you sign a commercial real estate lease. ... Make sure you know what you are getting into. 2. - 78%
Result found by: - Adult/Continuing Education, - Distance Learning

The Fundamentals of Listing and Selling Commercial Real Estate ... 
The Fundamentals of Listing and Selling Commercial Real Estate [Loren K. Keim] on *FREE* super ... More Buying Choices. Have one to sell - 78%
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Attract Commercial Clients - Real Estate Business - 
To attract commercial real estate clients you must market yourself to the buyers ... these sites and their search engines when they're looking to buy, sell or lease - 77%
Result found by: - Adult/Continuing Education, - Distance Learning

Commercial Leases - How to Understand and Negotiate - Women in ... 
Find Commercial Space, What to Look For and Commercial Leasing Terms to Know ... traditional commercial office space, usually at substantially cheaper prices. ... up on your enthusiasm for a particular space and may hard-sell you to make a ... - 76%
Result found by: - Adult/Continuing Education, - Distance Learning

How to Negotiate a Lease | 
Apr 13, 2010 b... We've asked breal estate brokers, attorneys, small-business owners, franchisors and franchisees to walk through a typical bcommercial lease with b... - 74%
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Buying / selling / financing commercial property Archives: New York ... 
May 20, 2013 ... Noting the trillions of dollars of loans tied to commercial real estate set to come due in the next few years, Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ) ... - 72%
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Buying and Selling Commercial Property - Solicitors for SMEs: business ... 
Buying and Selling Commercial Property Buying premises is a real achievement for many businesses, ... Commercial leases; Commercial property disputes; - 72%
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Commercial Property: How to buy commercial properties 
Your first move to buying commercial property. How to buy commercial properties? The basics of commercial leases. - 72%
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Commercial Leasing Tips to Find the Right Office Space 
Commercial Leasing Tips - When the real estate market favors home buyers, the ... can also find cheaper commercial spaces than when home prices are strong. - 71%
Result found by: - Adult/Continuing Education, - Distance Learning

Real Estate Law Articles 
bLeasing of bCommercial Premises Also Possible Where There Is Mixed Use - Germany b.... bBuying and bselling real estate in Jamaica is marked by the absence of b... - 71%
Result found by: Hieros Gamos

Trident Commercial Real Estate - Buy - Lease - Sell Commercial Property 
Knowledgable / Experienced / Versitile. With over 25 years of commercial real estate brokerage and consulting experience with prior experience in management and ... - 71%
Result found by: Yahoo!

Commercial Leasing Agent - Real Estate Business - 
A commercial leasing agent works with landlords or tenants to secure a lease ... A sales agent works with property owners or potential owners who are looking to buy, ... selling a 150,000-square-foot office building and securing a tenant to rent ... - 69%
Result found by: - Adult/Continuing Education, - Distance Learning

Q026amp;A: Kuba Jewgieniew, CEO of Realty One Group 
2010/04/16 - I was buying and selling properties at that time around 2004 when the .... who buy land or do - 69%
Result found by: Las Vegas Sun

Can I break a lease where the view of my shop from the street is being blocked? 
My landlord is going to let a new tenant put a patio in a common area in front of our building - and right in front of my grooming shop. This will make it practically im... - 68%
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Legal Articles by Matt Dickstein - Business Attorney 
bBusiness, Franchising bReal Estate Law Firm in Fremont, California 39488 Stevenson Place b... Shareholder bBuy-bSell Agreements for Accountancy Corporations. - 68%
Result found by: Hieros Gamos

Commercial Leases - How to Negotiate Commercial Leases 
Detailed advice to help you negotiate commercial leases. ... what commercial property lease terms are negotiable; and how to negotiate ... In this case, a counter offer is an offer to buy the home at a lower price than what the seller is asking. ... Becaus - 66%
Result found by: - Adult/Continuing Education, - Distance Learning

Buying a Business - What Happens to the Commercial Lease? 
Aug 9, 2010 ... You will need fortitude to get through this tricky part of leasing commercial space for your business purchase. So be sure you have all the ... - 65%
Result found by: - Adult/Continuing Education, - Distance Learning

Recreational Cabin Fees - House of Representatives 
Many of them would be forced to sell their cabins when faced with excessive fee increases—thus leaving them in ..... Most of the commercial buildings in America are built on leased land. ..... Do you have to buy out the property owner or not? - 64%
Result found by: U.S. House of Representatives

Commercial / Industrial - Sell Buy Lease For Sale by Owner website 
Sell Buy Lease is a for Sale by Owner website offering a unique service , help is available and buyers save by dealing direct with owners. Sellers choose no ... - 63%
Result found by: Yahoo!

Commercial Lease - Personal Guarantee for Commercial Lease 
When I talk to people who are getting ready to buy or start a business, they often ... With the commercial real estate industry collapse, those days are long gone. - 62%
Result found by: - Adult/Continuing Education, - Distance Learning

[PDF] A Modest Proposal for Foreclosure Resolution-The DOLLAR ... 
Option for the homeowner/borrower to buy the home again in the ... commercial leases. ... price, and the borrowers cannot sell the house on the open ... - 61%
Result found by: American Bar Association

Commercial Real Estate Investment: Commericial Lease with Option to Buy ... 
What to Do About Your Apartment Lease When You Want to Buy a ... as an expert witness on the subjects of Commercial Leasing and Property Management in the area of ... - 61%
Result found by: Yahoo!

How much can I raise the rent on a commercial sublease? 
I sublease a portion of my commercial building. I have not raised the rent for five years. The sublease has been on a month-to-month basis for four years. I now feel it i... - 61%
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Trident Commercial Real Estate 
Describes options for buying, selling or leasing; includes description of services offered. - 60%
Result found by: Open Directory Project

BERKELEY / Creative living spaces fail to meet code / Residents evicted from commercial building called fire death trap, but bus 
BERKELEY / Creative living spaces fail to meet code / Residents evicted from commercial building called fire death trap, but businesses remainToo bad, says the city, particularly the Fire Department, which calls the building a potential death... m... - 57%
Result found by: SF Gate

Commercial Millions Bootcamp Real Estate course CDs DVDs Manual 
... learn to cash flow or make HUGE checks flipping commercial property ... How long to lease and option the property ... real estate, buy houses, sell ... - 56%
Result found by: FAST Search (, AltaVista

Using a lease option to purchase commercial real estate as well as sell ... 
Using lease options in the purchasing and selling of commercial ... Commercial lease options ... This means that the buyer is not required to buy the property, ... - 54%
Result found by: Yahoo!

Lowell Massachusetts Commercial Real Estate Attorney | Sell ... 
The commercial real estate lawyers of Eno Martin Donahue, LLP have been ... Negotiation and drafting of buy-sell agreements; Complex title examination and ... - 51%
Result found by:

Business Plan Template 
This is also your opportunity to sell yourself. But dont overdo it. ... For advice and examples on how to complete this template, please download the... - 50%
Result found by: BEP Home

Buying Commercial Real Estate with a lease option to buy | The ... 
How do you use a lease option to buy commercial real ... to purchase three years from the purchase of the lease option to buy and the property appraises for ... - 50%
Result found by: Yahoo!

It's also useful to find out who your competitors are and whether the market can sustain your business. ... This is also your opportunity to sell... - 47%
Result found by: BEP Home

The Law Firm of Richard Sierra Associates, PA - Lawyers in Coral ... 
bBuying or bselling a small bbusiness or a franchise is a very important decision that should b... Your bcommercial lease could be one of the largest expenses in your b... from an attorney experienced with trademark and intellectual bproperty litigation. - 43%
Result found by: Hieros Gamos

at the inception of the lease and controlled ... while you own property, and sell it without ... suggested (by implication) that a commercial buyer should ... - 42%
Result found by: American Bar Association

does not have to continue to sell goods on ... it has a contractual obligation to buy the goods. ... debtors” - A person engaged in commercial or business ... - 41%
Result found by: American Bar Association

Business Legal Center | 
How to Protect Your Intellectual bProperty Rights b... bGetting Out of a bCommercial bLease b... 7 Things to Consider Before bBuying Disability Insurance b.... rights for making, using or bselling a concept or invention and excludes others from doing the - 39%
Result found by:

What is an exit clause and what should it contain? 
What is an exit clause and what should it contain? - 36%
Result found by:

I wish to terminate my contract but it doesn't have an exit clause. What can I do? 
I wish to terminate my contract but it doesn't have an exit clause. What can I do?... - 31%
Result found by:

Buying or Selling a Home: Land Lease, land leases, aol 
You will find that property with land leases tend to sell for less ... rent out and use for several years and then sell later to buy ... Commercial Leases ... - 29%
Result found by: Yahoo!

Can a commercial property lease be broken if my new business fails ... 
Hi all, I’m looking into leasing a commercial property and i’m a new business. ... Is the property theory of sell low buy low a good one to follow? - 28%
Result found by: Yahoo!

How to Lease Commercial Real Estate Space: Part I - Forbes 
This is the first of a two-part series on leasing commercial real estate for your small business. ... Leasing a Commercial Property, ... Buy Back Issues; - 27%
Result found by: AltaVista

News & Developments | Business Torts Litigation | ABA ... 
into the contract, Chance began to sell a number of ... agreed to transfer its rights to buy a shopping ... within a year, such as a commercial lease for five ... - 23%
Result found by: American Bar Association

Commercial Real Estate Investing - Using Lease Options to Buy ... 
The seller was not willing to sell the property with ... the right to buy the property at the end of the lease if ... the commercial lease option as a ... - 21%
Result found by: AltaVista

Buying a commercial lease - Rental Property Knowledge - LandlordZONE 
Hello everybody I am new to this forum and hope someone may be able to help me with ... Negotiate with the existing lessee what works you want them to do or pay for ... - 20%
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