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Alan Eisenberg
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Alan Eisenberg Real Estate
3111 West Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53208
414-344-6565 Office

Alan D. Eisenberg, Broker
(414) 344-3333  
Available 24/7/365

Linda Kopacka, Realtor
414-344-6565 Office
414-899-8707 Cell 

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Alan Eisenberg
(414) 344-3333

provides data services to Realtor associations. One of the services is support of this website. The properties on this website are updated each night and photos are included as they become available. Not all properties available for sale in a market are included on this site. 

Our Reality Specialties Include

Tax Foreclosure
Lender Foreclosure

Foreclosed by Lender
Still Owned pending Foreclosure

Commercial Lease
Residential Lease
1031 Exchange
STARKER Exchange
Like-Kind Exchange


Alan Eisenberg Real Estate
Alan Eisenberg Real Estate Milwaukee

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